Win Over Your Anxiety With These Powerful Yoga Poses

Apr 12, 2019

Most of us at some point in our lives, deal with stress, depression, and anxiety. We all have faced it in form or the other, like an upcoming exam, a speaking engagement, or a mounting confrontation with a loved one.

Chronic stress and anxiety can have a real impact on one's health. There are rational ways to deal with such anxious thoughts and yoga, definitely is one of the best ways to fight back. Yoga is popularly known for reducing all type of stress and bringing stability in life. There is specific yoga for anxiety that helps to calm the mind as it enhances mindfulness.

What Causes Anxiety?

A physical condition, a mental condition, and a stressful life can cause anxiety. It is strongly linked to mental conditions like:

⦁    Stress disorders: It is triggered by terrifying life events; its symptoms include severe anxiety.
⦁    Phobic disorders: It is known as a common psychological anxiety disorder of fear of something, being a trigger.
⦁    Generalized anxiety disorder: It makes people excessively and uncontrollably worry about everyday life situations.
⦁    Panic disorder: People with Panic disorder feel terror unnecessarily, it causes panic attacks.

Symptoms of Anxiety:

Most of us feel or experience anxiety at some point in our lives. Many of us are living a stressful life that causes anxiety. Signs or symptoms of anxiety can be actively categorised as under:

⦁    Worry Excessively: It is the most common sign of anxiety. It can be seen as a response to everyday life situations.
⦁    Feeling Unease: It becomes tough to concentrate on anything while experiencing restlessness. It is also a popular symptom of anxiety, mostly found in teenagers and children.
⦁    Tiredness or Lack of Energy: Feeling fatigued is not always feeling lazy. Instead, feeling fatigued is the term used for having no energy and no motivation. This unusual symptom is associated with hyperactive behavior.
⦁    Panic Attacks: Panic attack is one of the major symptoms of anxiety disorders. Its categorised as abrupt, intense discomfort or fear that quickly reaches its peak.

Yoga Pose for Anxiety:

Switching to Yoga asanas or Pranayama can effectively reduce anxiety. Following are the best yoga poses for fear that will surely be of help.

Setu Bandhasana

It helps in better blood circulation in the entire body.

⦁    Firstly, you need to lie down on your back.
⦁    Fold or bend your knees by keeping your hips and feet distance apart from the floor.
⦁    There should be a little distance from the pelvis. Keep your ankles and knees straight.
⦁    Keep your arms beside your body and keep your palm facing down.
⦁    Lift your lower back, upper back, and middle back off the floor slowly and inhale.
⦁    Slowly roll your shoulders and touch your chest with your chin, your weight should be supported by your feet, arms, and shoulders.
⦁    Keep your thighs parallel to the floor and keep breathing slowly.
⦁    Hold the yoga posture for at least 30 seconds to one minute and gently exhale.

Baddha Konasana

It helps to relieve anxiety and fatigue.

⦁    Sit in the Staff Pose (Dandasana)
⦁    Fold your knees and join the soles.
⦁    Hold your ankles and feet.
⦁    Now, move your heels to the groin.
⦁    Let your knees down to the ground while breathing out.
⦁    Relax your shoulders and arms.
⦁    Make sure your head is pointing towards the ceiling and press your sitting bones, it will elongate your spine.
⦁    Move your knees like butterfly wings.
⦁    Hold the posture for over 2 minutes and then slowly release your hands and feet.

Yoga contains techniques that reduce anxiety and also helps in managing symptoms of panic. Yoga is worldwide known to drag people out of their stressful lives. Breathe correctly to fight back anxiety and know how to say no to stress overloaded life. Most of the people face anxiousness or depression sooner or later and we all know how it feels like. Yoga is the best way to gain positive energy through systematic removal of toxins..

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