Boost your immunity every day with these easy yoga asanas.

May 25, 2020

 Maintaining a robust immune system is the key to remaining healthy. It is the body’s resistance to disease-causing microorganisms. From resisting seasonal flu to other serious diseases like the Covid-19, the immunity of the body helps in fighting many diseases. The main parts of the immune system include the white blood cells, antibodies, lymphatic system, spleen, bone marrow, and thymus. To keep ourselves healthy, we must aid and enhance all components of the immune system. We can do this in several ways, like, eating right, exercising, reducing stress, devoting time towards self-care, taking a break from the monotonous life, etc. All such steps help in boosting the immune system and thus keeps us safe from diseases.


Even when we are at home, there are several measures that we can take to boost our immunity. Sometimes when the weather is not right you may not be able to go out for your daily exercise. Or a stressful situation may bog you down. However, you do not want to fall sick no matter what. And it is important to remember that immunity-boosting is a process of several days or even months of consistent conscious choices and not a single day affair. Thus, including immunity boosting measures in small steps every day ensures that you remain in form and keep improving it at the same time. Including immunity-boosting foods like raw turmeric, garlic, gooseberry, etc. tremendously enhances immunity. Practising yoga to boost the immune system is another method that can be done daily at home.


There are a few yoga asanas that specifically work towards boosting immunity. Practising immunity-boosting yoga asanas is also a great way to keep yourself protected when you cannot move out of the house. These yoga asanas are very easy to do and they help in keeping you healthy and energetic even in stressful situations. They help in preventing diseases and even in recovering from diseases. While Yoga helps in relieving stress, increases flexibility, releases muscle tension, and helps cure many disorders and illness, these yoga asanas will boost up your immune system and prevent many health issues.


Here are Yoga Asanas for Immune System

1. Shishuasana:

Also known as the Child's Pose, this pose helps decongest the chest and improves the respiratory health and builds a better immune system. It is also an excellent stress-relieving pose and prevents and reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression.



How to perform shishuasana:

  • Sit down on a comfortable surface.

  • Sit on your knees making sure your heels are touching your hips.

  • Bend forward bringing your forehead to touch the floor.

  • Place your arms alongside your body with palms facing up

  • Gently press your chest on the thighs.


2. Matsyasana:

This pose is known as the fish pose. This pose is also known as the “destroyer of all diseases”. This asana helps in boosting the energy levels of the body and relieves congestion by opening up the lungs, thus aiding the respiratory system and enhancing immunity.



How to perform matsayana:

  • Lie on your back on a comfortable surface.

  • Place your hands under your hips and bring the elbows closer.

  • Gently lift your head and chest while breathing in.

  • Keep the chest elevated and bring the head down slightly touching the floor.

  • Press the elbows into the ground making sure you place the weight on the elbows and not the head.


3. Uttasana:

This forward bending pose calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression. It helps ease headaches and fatigue. It also supports kidney and liver health.


How to perform uttasana:

  • Stand straight and bend forward from the hip.

  • Straighten your knee and bring your palm or your fingertips to touch the floor.


4.Viparita karani:

This is an easy asana where you have to put your leg up a wall. This asana is known to aid lymphatic drainage, and blood circulation and improves digestion.



How to perform Viparita Karani:

  • Sit 2-3 inches away from an empty wall.

  • Lie on your back and gently take your legs up against the wall, making sure that the back of your thighs is touching the wall.

  • Place your arms by your side.


6. Bhujangasana:

Also known as the cobra pose, this asana helps in the heart and lungs. It stretches the chest, lungs, shoulder, and abdomen.


How to perform bhujangasana:

  • Lie on your stomach with your forehead touching the floor.

  • You may place your legs together or hip-width apart

  • Place your hands just below your shoulders with your elbows close to the body.

  • Gently lift your hand and chest.

  • Open your chest and do not place all the weight on your hands.



This asana calms the brain, stimulates the thyroid gland, stretches the spine and the shoulders, and reduces stress.


How to perform halasana:

  • Lie flat on your back

  • Place both your palms flat on the ground

  • Press your palms on the ground and lift your legs.

  • Slowly take your legs to touch the ground behind your head.


7. Dhanurasana:

This asana helps in increasing blood flow to the various organs, aids in digestion improves the functioning of the kidney, pancreas, and liver. It also helps in promoting respiratory health.



How to do dhanurasana:

  • Lie down in prone position

  • Gently lift your legs and hold your ankles with your hands.

  • Raise your thighs, head, and chest as high as possible.

  • Maintain your body weight at your lower abdomen.


It is never too late to build your health. It is, in fact, our only real wealth. Good immunity helps us live a fuller life. A disease-free life allows us to live a responsible So, do not waste any more time and start building a strong immunity today.

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