Check out the top 11 reasons to attend a yoga retreat

Jun 29, 2020

Are you looking for a meaningful break from your usual, hectic, and monotonous schedule? Is a vacation on your mind? Have you pondered upon the idea that whether a simple vacation with a few days off from work, do the trick for you? Or do you want to be recharged from within, feeling fresh and energetic, with the zeal to take on more? If your desired outcome from your next vacation are these, then how about going on a yoga retreat?
We often do not realize that a normal vacation is just another variation of the regular life that also ends up draining us. Of course, it may leave us with a bag full of memories to cherish for a lifetime, but we tend to ill-treat ur body by excessive drinking, binging on fast foods, sleep and waking up late, etc. Yoga retreats, on the other hand, are a refreshing change from such vacations. They are meaningful breaks that allow you quality time for introspection and relaxation.


What is a yoga retreat?

A yoga retreat is a secluded travel experience that allows you to engage in yogic philosophy and the yogic lifestyle. It is a gentle disconnect from the fast-paced life, from the use of technology, and other distractions in life. You can learn and practice different styles of yoga, understand yogic philosophy from learned yoga gurus, live a yogic life of clean and organic foods, meditation, silent healing sessions, and self-introspection.
Yoga retreats are a great way to pamper your body, mind, and soul. The hectic lives of the present-day leave us worn and torn, both mentally and physically. This results in less productivity, deteriorating relationships, and a dull existence. Yoga retreats help in recharging you in-and-out so that you become a fresher and fitter version of yourself.

How is a yoga retreat different?

  • Yoga retreats are meaningful escapes. In a yoga retreat, you will learn yoga postures and meditation methods, the knowledge of which will remain with you for life.

  • Yoga retreats allow for the very important, digital detoxification. A disconnect from technology helps de-clutter your mind and leaves you with some quality time for yourself.

  • Yoga retreats help you begin your journey towards wellness. These retreats show you the intricate balance between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms, and how to work towards the optimum health of all these spheres.

  • Yoga retreats recharge and rejuvenates you from within. You gain clarity of thought and purpose and this results in a positive approach towards life and the will to achieve more in a balanced manner.

  • Yoga retreats are an investment towards a healthy and balanced future.

  • Yoga retreats are usually situated in serene locations amid rich Nature. You get to reconnect with nature and understand the importance of peace and tranquillity.

Yoga retreats are not a new phenomenon. However, they are becoming very popular in recent times. The reason for their gaining popularity is the list of the many benefits of a yoga retreat. You may be someone who is beginning to know about yoga or someone who is practicing it for many years, you may be a corporate who is looking to invest in employee wellness or someone who just wants to re-connect with yourself, a yoga retreat has something to offer for everyone.

What are the reasons to attend a yoga retreat?

  • De-clog your mind and body: Reclaim peace and happiness in your life by removing all the unhealthy junk from your mind and body. Yoga retreats help channel your hidden energy towards positive productivity by channeling your thoughts and actions. Let loose in rich ancient knowledge and serenity. Listen to yourself and know what you truly desire.

  • Digital detoxification: Digital detoxification is more important than we often realize. The overload of information leads to blocked thoughts, a pessimistic view towards life, and unnecessary confusion. Yoga retreats engage you in a wide range of mindfulness activities, meditation, cleansing through yoga, etc. all of which keep you away from technology and provides quality insight on important aspects of the mind and body.

  • Body and mind purification: Yoga retreats help remove toxins from the internal organs of the body through special poses and postures. These poses increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the vital organs. Yoga retreats also offer foods that complement the yogic lifestyle and aids the process of toxin removal of the body( rejuvenate mind and body). Retreats serve special foods that are not only locally produced and organic but they also help remove harmful chemicals from the body. Retreats also facilitate purification of the mind by teaching different techniques to control emotions and anxieties, and how to channel inner thoughts in fruitful ways.

  • Self-analysis and introspection: Most of us are scared of self-reflection. Even when we know that some of our actions have led to undesirable results, we tend to run away from examining our decisions. This results in repeating the same mistakes and then we only end up blaming everything else around us. Yoga retreats present the opportunity of introspection and reflect on our actions. Since yoga retreats have different people from different backgrounds and they live as a close-knit group, sharing such experiences provide different perspectives on things. This widens the horizon of thoughts and helps reflect life-choices better.

  • Broaden your knowledge about yoga and meditation: Yoga retreats are the best way to learn about different yoga styles or yoga poses and master them. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner, every retreat will offer you something new every time. Retreats also teach the ancient yogic knowledge through Vedanta lectures, discussions on ancient texts, etc. You can also get to learn different types of meditation, like guided meditation, sleep meditation, silent meditation, etc. You will also be able to learn how to treat different ailments and body issues, like constipation, knee pain, back pain, (Yoga For Back pain) etc. with yoga.

  • Relax and rejuvenate: Yoga retreats help in deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Located in secluded spots that are rich in natural beauty, these retreats unwind you like never before. They provide a healthy diet comprising of foods that are organic, seasonal, and locally produced, rich in minerals and nutrients, and aid detoxification of the body. The range of mindfulness activities also allows you to connect with yourself intimately. You learn to truly listen to yourself and respond to your mind and body.

  • Long-lasting healing: The healing found in a yoga retreat is long-lasting. The techniques and teachings here are organic and sustainable. You will be able to practice them long after your retreat is over. Thus, when you go on a treat, it is not a temporary indulgence but a long-term commitment. It is the beginning of your wellness journey that is not dependent on anything artificial.

  • Re-connect with Nature: As already mentioned, yoga retreats usually have picturesque locations. They also do not have a huge number of guests at the same time, like hotels and resorts. Thus, you can have some quiet time with Mother Nature and admire her beauty. Many retreats also plan several local activities that further help you get a taste of the simple, community life that is close to nature. This way, you realize the intimate relationship that humans have with nature and why you must learn to respect and protect the natural environment.

  • Boost your immunity: It is no longer a hidden fact that only a healthy and happy mind ensures a fit body that is free of diseases. Stress and lack of enthusiasm eat up the immune system( yoga for immune system) and make the body susceptible to various illnesses. Yoga retreats work towards building a robust immunity by incorporating healthy foods along with the right amount of yoga, and meditation.

  • Make new friends: Yoga retreats offer the amazing opportunity of getting to know new people and making new friends from all over the world. You get to know their thoughts and perspectives on yoga, meditation, healing, etc. which helps in deepening your interest in the subject. Also, having friends in different parts of the world is another beautiful reason to travel and explore new things.

  • Have fun: The basic idea behind doing anything is to enjoy the process and have fun. Yoga retreats offer fun that is different from how we usually tend to picture fun. So, why not try and experience it, right? Participate in group activities, learn new cultures, and live the experience called life to the fullest.


Who should go for a yoga retreat?

There is no right age or the right time to attend a yoga retreat. No one is too young or too old for a yoga retreat. It is meant for everyone and anyone willing to seek holistic wellness. Yoga retreats often mention if they are including styles and postures meant only for advanced practitioners. Most retreats welcome beginners and intermediate practitioners.
You are ready to attend a yoga retreat if,

  • You want to learn yoga and understand it a little more.

  • If you want the experience of an organic, sustainable, and authentic yogic life.

  • If you want to understand about yogic philosophy.

  • If you feel you are trapped in your present situation and you want to break free.

  • If you are losing interest, concentration, and focus.

  • If you feel drained, stressed and dull all the time

  • If life feels like a never-ending cycle of monotony.

  • If you want to relax and recharge yourself away from the city chaos.

  • If you want to begin your wellness journey towards the holistic development of the body, mind, and soul.


How to find the right yoga retreat?

Finding a yoga retreat is extremely easy these days. Numerous organizers are offering the best service and experience at different locations. From budget-friendly ones to luxury yoga retreats, there is a huge variety to fit into your unique requirements.
Some tips on how to find the right yoga retreat are:

  • Which style of yoga do you want to learn?                              

Do a little research on the different yoga styles and what do they aim to achieve. For example, Kundalini yoga harnesses the hidden energy trapped in your spine and channelizes it. This way, you will understand what are you looking for and how are you going to get it through yoga.

  • Where do you want your yoga retreat to be located?                           

Filter down geographical locations and countries of the yoga retreats as per your requirement. Find out if you want to attend a retreat ( retreat venue) in your own country but in another city. See if you want to attend a retreat on a beach or in the mountains.

  • What is the socio-political status of the retreat location?      

Once you are sure about the location of the yoga retreat, check the local political situation. Find out about the security status of the retreat location.

Do not forget to check what kind of food you will be offered, for how many days the retreat will be held, what are the other activities included in the retreat. Many yoga retreats offer fun options life surfing, local explorations, local cleansing rituals, spa, and massages, etc.

  • Is the retreat well-prepared for any emergency?

Check with your booking partner and the retreat organizer if they retreat has a ready medical and security staff. Let them know in advance if you have a medical condition that may require assistance.

  • Does the yoga retreat fit your budget?

Once you have found out the yoga retreat that satisfies most of your requirements, check the price of the retreat and see if it fits your budget (budget retreat).

So, what are you waiting for? Find out the yoga retreat that is best for you and pack your bags and leave for a journey that is never-ending (even when the retreat ends). Give your body and mind the love and attention it deserves and experience how fulfilling the act of living will become for you.

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