Company Retreats: Creating growth in the business

Sep 06, 2019

It is always important that we love what we do and that we always feel welcome and appreciated at work every single day. A happy and healthy workplace will reflect on how we face our customers every day. If we have a good working and harmonious relationships with our co-workers, then most probably we always carry a positive vibe towards our clients. Isn’t it wonderful to see a room delighted because all of its employees are smiling, and so do the customers they serve?

How can a company sustain this kind of a happy workplace? The answer is, get time off and do an annual company retreat.

The Benefits of Company Retreats

There are many ways to do corporate retreats – it can be through a traditional seminar, sports fest, or charity works. The focus of all the activities, tasks, and exercises relative to the retreat include:

  • Promoting teamwork
  • A better and deeper understanding among the co-workers
  • Improve problem-solving skills
  • Enhance overall productivity

Some of the common team building activities are:

  • Rafting in the river
  • Wall climbing
  • Mountain trekking
  • Walking while everyone is in blind-folds holding on to the same rope
  • Scavengers hunt
  • Friendly competitions between departments

Depending on the company’s objectives, purposes, and goal, company retreats can be customized accordingly. The most important of all is to be able to impart with the team the expected long-term positive outcome that the company has always been striving for.

The Proofs that Retreats Increase Productivity

A lot of case studies about corporate retreats can prove that team building activities can increase work productivity. A few of the cited studies are the following:

  • Howard Atkins, the chief financial officer at Wells Fargo said that their company has earned double-digit gains in profit as the direct effect of corporate retreats.
  • According to Merianne Liteman, who is a professional corporate retreat organizer, good corporate retreats have a quantifiable effect on retention, morale, and productivity.
  • Another proof comes from Daryl Jeperson, CEO of RE/MAX International. He said that retreats are extremely helpful for increasing company production. Employees feel better about themselves, about the company, and as a result, they will do a better job.
  • There are about 78% of the managers felt the time-off can improve the attention of their employees while 70% said that it renews the commitment of staff, according to a 2017 GfK survey conducted for Project: Time Off.
  • One more recent study conducted by MIT published in Harvard Business Journal shows that teams that communicating directly with management and each other can improve productivity and creativity.
  • Research conducted at the University of Warwick has proved that happy workers are usually 12% more productive. Companies can unleash more happy workers after a corporate retreat (corporate employee wellness).

Use Retreats for Employee or Department Recognition

In the corporate retreats, the company’s progress is discussed among the employees from all levels of different departments. This is equivalent to saying that each and everyone contributes to the company's growth and will still be part of the future growth moving forward.

A simple recognition shows that the company values its employees. The credit is not just because of the high-ranking officers in the management team, but also because of the front-line employees. This keeps the team member even more committed than before.

The Use of New Skills to the Company’s Advantage

The organization can develop valuable skills form corporate retreats. The skills are listed as follows:

  • Solid Teamwork. This is where most of the activities will be driven. From one case study of Wells Fargo, the employees were tasked to build a bridge out of the boxes and wooden planks. This teamwork requires an individual effort that they need to watch out for. They understand that in order for the team to work, each person in the team must be recognized and that no one must be disregarded and left behind. Each person in the team plays an important role. This is where they connect, share the commitment, and build trust among each other.
  • Decision making and Problem-solving. Take puzzle-like activities for example. One correct answer or decision will take you to the next level. A group of thinking heads is required. This activity shows the reality of a person’s ability in decision-making, focus, attention, creativity, intelligence, emotion, ability, among the long list of discovering not just about your teammates, but also about yourself.
  • Leadership. A boss is different from a leader. A boss is on top of the game while the employees work for his success. A leader works together with the employees for a common goal. A good leader doesn't see his self superior from the others. In an activity like river rafting, each person is given the opportunity to be a leader. This will test their individual ability in critical decision making which will involve the overall performance of the group.
  • Creativity. One of the best examples is a guessing game. The person who will be tasked to guess will be pushed to think out of the box many times over in order to come up with the correct answer. Creativity takes place because your mind works wonders and your body’s energy level increases under time pressure.
  • Credibility. Credibility is making the right thing even if no one is watching. As your company’s employee you need to walk the walk and make sure you abide by the company’s rules and regulations, and set as an exceptional example for your co-workers, no matter what. It is easier said than done. And always remember that you will reap what you have sown.

These are a few things to consider in convincing yourself to invest in corporate retreats(Benefits of corporate retreats) – if you are the founder, and to not miss any retreat – if you are an employee. Remember that retreats will just be two to three days; the reality that we all wake up to every day takes place at the workplace – your second home.

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