Corporate Retreats: A Pathway to Manifold Prosperity

Sep 06, 2019

In this era of make or break competition, every individual tries to dispatch the aims and assignments and takes it in an unparalleled manner to remain in the top ring among fellow colleagues and competitors. People just go working on and on, ignoring their personal lives and thus also damaging their mental and physical health. But every day is not a Sunday. This negligence toward own self acts as a boomerang which results in a diseased body, a fragile state of mind and social alienation. It becomes too late when the person realizes that he deserves a change in his life.

Retreats do play a significant part in changing of mindset of individuals towards their lives. This fact has now been understood and embraced by the companies and corporates.

The main objective of any company, since ages, has been money, money, and money. In this pursuit of achieving the highest output, companies have ignored the concerns of workers. Although, many of them have tried to address the shortcomings by increasing salaries and holidays this did not foster the needs of the workers. The most potent alternative for this predicament is a corporate retreat.

What is a corporate retreat?

It is relatively a new concept which refers to planned outings carried out by the corporates for its employees.

A retreat is a time which one spends in a small group, keeping the work ethics and agreements away and not entertaining any outside intrusions. The corporate sector has always been quite vigilant on work ethics. This fact is also quite natural as these sectors also have to meet up the milestones stretching out before them due to inter corporate competitions. But as these sectors rose above the infancy state, they realized the declining rate of success is mostly attributed to the degrading productivity of employees. To counter it, corporates have begun to arrange group outings which often include families of the workers.

Do corporate retreats act as morale booster???

Yes, undoubtedly. According to a data collection made by the American office managers and executive assistant reports, 84% of office managers and a whopping 90% of executive assistants agreed to the fact that retreats completely change their mental state.

Also, in words of Liza Goldberg, former Snacknation Vibe manager:
“The corporate retreat has worked in tremendous forms for me and my colleagues. It has duly rejuvenated me towards my duties with a new approach.”

Benefits of corporate retreats

Interaction- The further we move away from our limited area, the closer we get to our own self and society.
By organizing trips, the major benefit is that it contributes to team building. Staffs, who generally remained alienated from each other, can now interact between themselves and create new bonds with each other. In this process, they became able to release their undue pressures over them. Also, interaction always brings about new work initiatives and ethics. In the long run, the internal bonding between employees would yield extra returns to the sector.

Goals and objectives- During office hours, the creative mind remains latent inside the shell and a tired fatigued mind comes out to the forefront. But during retreats, they remain in their true selves and can provide great ideas. Due to the interaction, they become fond of each other which enables them to build up common goals to create objectives.

Enhancing leadership skills- By giving corporate retreats to places like hills, the staff can perform acts like mountain climbing, river rafting, rock climbing, etc. The individuals, while performing these acts, can inculcate the awareness of faith in their own abilities of leadership. Team building events can be conducted. For example, those people who were not in charge of their workplaces are allowed to take over the reins and direct their teams. This could bring about a better understanding of them about what it takes to be a leader. They can be able to recognize themselves and their superior's point of view in a better way.

The decrease in turnover rate- According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and theory of motivation, human beings have a social need. Due to these retreats, the dedication of staff towards the company increases as they feel they are having attention, opportunities, and recognition which everyone craves for.
Besides that, according to Herzberg’s two factors of motivation, it can act as a way of inciting self-satisfaction among employees. This can dramatically decrease the turnover rate.

Belongingness towards the employer and company- The foremost and most important benefit is that the retreats will assure companies a set of trusted and loyal workers as employees feel the sense of belongingness towards their firm. A great example is that of Sahara India which tided out over the state of concern only due to the loyal staff it had which even supported the company though not getting salaries for months. This was only due to freedom of retreats provided by the company at earlier times.


“Your life does not get better by chance; it gets better by change.”
Change is the inbuilt characteristic of humans. Company retreats can act as potent options in delivering change in its employees’ life. The success of a company always depends on the efficiency of its workers. However powerful the kingdom be, it is sure to fall in ruins because of a weak army. Hence to increase productivity, the retreats are necessary as they can create a whole new horizon of gratefulness by the employees for the employers.

As eminent thinker Robin Sharma quoted:

“Gratitude drives happiness, happiness boosts productivity, productivity reveals mastery and mastery inspires the world.”

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