Yoga- To get rid of all kinds of Stomach Disorders

Aug 07, 2019

The stomach is considered one of the vital organs of the human body. The stomach primarily protects the lower intestine from harmful organisms, releasing various enzymes but the most important function of the stomach is to digest the food. The stomach connects the esophagus above and the small intestine below. The pancreas and spleen are connected to the stomach in a complex structure. The liver is also a part of it. Stomach size may vary from person to person but the J shape of the stomach is constant in every human being. The stomach is situated just below the rib cage and falls under the upper part of the abdomen.
Usually, all stomach disorders occur due to infection. In earlier days, it was believed that the acidic environment of the stomach would protect it from all sorts of infections. But now, research has proved that Helicobacter pylori are a type of infection in the stomach that causes severe stomach disorders (causes of stomach disorders) like ulcer, gastritis and stomach cancer.
Hypochlorhydria or achlorhydria is a condition in which the individual has very little or no gastric acid which impacts your health in a negative way. But in hyperchlorhydria, the gastric acid gets quite high in the human body. It is widely believed that stomach ulcer is caused by hyperchlorhydria.

Yoga, the medicine of all ailments-
Yoga is very effective in providing the human body with many health benefits. It is also helpful for curing stomach disorders. It is really irritating to have stomach disorders since the regular trips to the bathroom become difficult and painful during these disorders. So, here we will discuss some yoga asanas which can really help you out in settling your stomach disorders.

Kapalabhati pranayama-
In the early ages, some breathing techniques were introduced for keeping one in good health. It was called yogic breath which is amongst the most important part of yoga. Kapalbhati pranayama is one of these techniques and since then it has helped people to stay fit and healthy.    

How to do Kapalbhati-
Sit in the right way- You should sit in Sukhasana comfortably for this asana. Both of your palms should be placed on the knees facing upwards. Your focus and awareness should be directed towards your belly region.
Take deep breaths- Breathing is most important when you are doing Kapalbhati. Both of your nostrils should be used to inhale deeply so that your lungs are filled with air. While you are inhaling, it should be slow and very steady.
Try to get your stomach inwards towards your back. Hold on to this position for some time. When you cannot hold this position, exhale the air as rapidly as possible. When you will exhale the air rapidly, it will be making a hissing sound. At this point, you will be feeling like all the bad is coming out of your body.

The diamond pose is another name for Vajrasana and is mainly known for breathing exercises and meditation practicing. This is a simple asana which can be done after lunch or dinner.

How to do Vajrasana-
1- Place yourself on the floor and fold your legs inside in such a way that your hips are situated above your feet.
2- Close your eyes and keep your spine straight.
3- Your right palm will be situated on your right knee and your left palm will be situated on your left knee.
4-Now inhale slowly and then hold for some time and then exhale slowly.
5-Try to think that your disorders are being thrown out of your nose while you exhale.
6-You should try to repeat these steps for 5 min and then take rest.

Also known as the bow pose, is really helpful in strengthening abdominal organs. This asana is very effective in weight loss. Dhanurasana can be considered as the basic posture of hatha yoga. Due to its final position which looks like a Dhanush(bow), it is named as Dhanurasana. If you want to reduce your belly fat, then you should consider this yoga.

Steps involved in Dhanurasana-
1- You should lie on the ground with the support of your stomach i.e. your stomach should be touching the ground.
2- Breathe 2/3 times and relax completely.
3- Now start inhaling slowly and start by bending your legs and try to hold your ankles with your hands.
4- When you do this, your body should have a bow-like shape.
5- When you are in this position, your whole weight will be transferred to your body abdomen. Your stomach and your pelvis will be touching the ground in this position.
6- Try to remain in this position for around 10-15 seconds and continue breathing.
7- Once you practice it a lot you can consider increasing the duration.
8- Once you are done with holding yourself for 10-15 seconds, exhale and return to the original position.

Another name of Bhujangasana is the cobra pose. As the name suggests, in this position, the last posture that you will attain will be like a cobra. This exercise is really helpful in getting rid of stomach disorders and also other types of disorders.

Steps involved in Bhujangasana-
1- Feel relaxed and lie down on the ground on the support of your stomach.
2- Now try to stretch your legs while they are joined with each other. In this posture, both of your knees should touch each other.
3- Now place your palm on the ground near to your chest and also keep your elbow straight.
4- Now try to stretch your head, shoulders, and chest upwards so that all your body weight will transfer to your hands and thighs.
5- Inhaling and exhaling play a very important role in this asana. Now try to stretch your head as much as possible. Do not overdo it or put too much strain on it.
6- Hold your breath when you are in this position.
7- Lastly, return to your initial position while exhaling.

You can try out all of the asanas discussed here and you will notice a visible relief from the stomach disorders to a large extent. It will not only help you in getting rid of your stomach disorders but will also help you in reducing your belly fat and keeping your body fit and fine.

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