Get rid of Back Pain through Food

Jul 20, 2019

Suffering from back pain/back problems can be exhausting and agonizing. Visiting a doctor, correct treatment and different therapies are needed for improvement. But most of all, you’ll need to start eating healthy to keep the issue at bay or treat the issue.

How To get Rid of Back Pain naturally?

Necessary vitamins and minerals

According to doctors and researchers, vitamin and mineral deficiency is one of the main causes of back pain/back problems. Potassium and Magnesium are helpful to reduce swelling. It is also important for muscles and nerve functions. Leafy vegetables, coconut water, dairy products, bananas, and avocados are enriched with magnesium. Foods that contain high fiber are helpful for digestion and fight against inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most important things to manage back pain and decrease inflammation. Protein is also essential for muscles and bones. Vitamin D and calcium are two important factors for building strong bones. Our body absorbs vitamin D from sunrays. Appropriate sun exposure is needed. If the body lacks any of these above important vitamins and minerals, it will deteriorate. So, to improve our health and reduce back pain/back problems, we have to follow a strict and appropriate diet enriched with the necessary ingredients. Sometimes, doctors advice to take vitamin supplements to improve the health condition.

We are going to discuss few foods help to reduce and cure back pain/back problems.

Best food for back pain/back problems


From ancient times, ginger is quite popular as a spice and medicine for its compounds. Through lab research, it is shown that ginger has gingerols which are helpful to fight inflammation and arthritis. Ginger capsules are available in pharmacies. With doctors’ advice, consuming one daily may help reduce inflammation.


Caffeine is good for reducing pain and relaxes the mind. Coffee is a good source of caffeine and polyphenol, a good anti-inflammatory agent.

Olive oil 

Olive oil is very popular for its beneficial antioxidants. It has oleocanthal which works as ibuprofen medicine for any kind of pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to fight joint diseases.  It also has lubricin which helps to smooth joint sliding and prevent cartilage from breaking down. It is best known for monounsaturated fats. Add olive oil to your food and salad. Try to cook at a lower temperature to prevent losing its benefits.


Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, found in the deep sea. The healthy fat helps against chronic pain. There is calcitonin in salmon fish that helps reduce inflammation, relieve joint tenderness and fight against osteoarthritis. Tuna, sardines, and mackerels have the same benefit as well.


It is a very well-known and widely used spice in India. Its main component is curcumin a very powerful antioxidant. It is also very good to reduce inflammation.

Vegetables and green tea (detox tea) 

Vegetables especially leafy green vegetables are a great source of anti-inflammatory properties. Vegetable protein such as soy is very good to fight inflammation.

Milk, cheese, and yogurt 

Calcium is very important for strengthening bones. Milk, cheese, and yogurt are good sources of calcium. If you have any lactose intolerance problem, you can go for soy milk, orange juice, and tofu. If the doctor suggests, take calcium tablet regularly.


Nuts such as pecans, almonds, Brazil nuts, and walnuts are good against inflammation. Almonds and cashew nuts are good sources of magnesium.

Red grapes and berries

Red grapes have an anti-inflammatory agent named resveratrol, very helpful to reduce pain. It helps to mitigate disk swelling. Some suggest having red wine for the same purpose. But more studies are needed to support that claim. Resveratrol is also found in berries and peanuts. In blueberries, phytonutrients fight inflammation and decrease pain. During offseason, frozen berries are available in supermarkets. Strawberries and oranges also work fine.

Pumpkin seeds 

These are a rich source of magnesium, a very essential element for the body. You can eat beans or lentils too.

Tart cherries

In a study, it is shown that drinking tart cherry juice every day reduces pain. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Chili pepper 

Though it sounds a little different, research suggests that chilies have painkilling properties. It helps the brain to produce more endorphins. But be careful before consuming since everybody cannot tolerate the burning effect.


From ancient times, mint or peppermint is popular as strong herbal medicine. Mint tea is helpful and works as a painkiller. Messaging peppermint oil reduces pain and bloating.

Food to Avoid

Sweet items 

Foods that have sugary contains are always needed to avoid. Sugar is one of the main causes of weight gain and triggering inflammation. Avoid all kinds of deserts as much as possible. Artificial sweetners also cause inflammation.

Vegetable oil 

If you consume too much food containing omega 6 fatty acid, this can be harmful to the body. If our body has more omega 6 fatty acids than omega 3 fatty acids, it will trigger inflammation and increase pain. Corn, sunflower, safflower, cottonseed or mixed vegetable oils are such types, which contain omega 6 fatty acids. Use a very small amount of vegetable oil while cooking. Tilapia fish and catfish also contain omega 6 fatty acid. It will be good not to consume those.

Refined and artificial products

Whole grain is better than consuming refined grain. Cereal, pizza and white bread are made from refined grains. Eating refined grain is bad for health and triggers inflammation. Foods that are made with trans fats, high in saturated fat, containing high sugar or corn syrup, loaded with salt, tropical oil, processed food such as processed corn, vegetable shortening and margarine are bad for health and needed to avoid. Though dairy products are a good source of calcium but consuming too many full-fat products can be harmful. Try to avoid any food with chemicals and take the natural substance. Colors, additive, and preservatives are not good and cause inflammation.

Red meat 

Though red meat is a very good source for protein but if you have back pain/back problems you should avoid it. It has neu5gc which causes inflammation.

With a healthy diet and by changing the lifestyle, back pain problem can be mitigated. Consult a doctor and a dietician as soon as you can if you experience your back troubling you as the condition might get serious and can result in something drastic.

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