Getting rid of arthritis through various therapies

Jul 21, 2019

The number of health problems is on the rise when it comes to the new generation and the credit for this increased occurrence of poor health goes to the changed lifestyle and the altered food habits. And arthritis is one of the most problematic health issues. It is nothing but inflammation in the joints. And there are about 100 different types of the disease. And when it comes to the common types, osteoarthritis and rheumatic arthritis are the ones sitting at the top. As soon the diagnosis is made, the patient should follow the right therapies and this would help to cure the situation.

Using topical medicine

There are various methods to treat arthritis but the problem is that many of these methods would have side effects. This is especially true with the case of consuming pills. This is because many pills would have side effects and these are to be avoided at all costs. In tropical medicine, the prescribed treatment is to apply various kinds of gels and creams on to the skin. And these medicines would act as sodium channel blockers.

These blockers work by making sure that the nerve endings on the skin are made numb. Also, these medicines would reach the fluid in the joint and reduce the inflammation which causes the pain. This is done by reducing various proteins like prostaglandins. These medicines are quite capable of reducing the pain that the person suffers.

There are faint suggestions that these medicines might have side effects. But it is certain that these remedies are far below the oral medicines and pills when it comes to the chart of side effects. And most of the side effects that accompany these topical medicines are skin related ones and minor ones.


This stands for the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Just as the name suggests, the method employs the process of treating the problem with electrical signals to stimulate the patient’s affected area. Electrodes would be placed on the skin and electrical signals would be sent to cause the stimulation of the joints that are painful for the patient.

This method is quite effective in treating almost all the different types of arthritis. And the only problem is that you wouldn't be able to undergo the treatment if you are using a pacemaker for your heart. Patients with open wounds would also not be prescribed this treatment procedure.
The TENS make sure that the current sent to the spot are carried by the large nerve fibers and these would supersede the pain that is transmitted by the smaller nerve fibers. The major advantage of TENS is that the pain can be effectively reduced by a large factor.

Using the perfect kinds of footwear

This is not a treatment method but no matter what, this would reduce the pain caused by arthritis by a large factor. The idea is to use the right kind of shoes or footwear. This is to ensure that the weight or force of the knee joints is reduced to a maximum. Make sure that you choose the flexible and flat kind of shoes or footwear. Flip flops and sneakers are the best choices when it comes to patients suffering from arthritis.
Using the right shoe would certainly help to reduce the effects of osteoarthritis which is a very common type of the disease. But the risks involving the joints on the feet might get problems if you are to use the sneakers for long periods of time. So, it is better to go for a flat and closed type of footwear.

Injecting steroids

Steroids are substances that are capable of reducing the inflammation caused in the joints due to arthritis. The procedure is quite simple. The medical practitioner would inject the substance into the joint that is affected and then the inflammation would be reduced by a large factor.
The major advantage is that the pain would certainly go away and the effect might last for days or weeks. This would depend on the type of person who takes the treatment. But the problem is that there is a limit for taking steroids. It can only be taken for about 2 to 3 times a year. If this is crossed, they would cause the ligaments to become weak and hence there would be chances for ligament tears.

Injecting Hyaluronic acid

This acid is nothing but a fluid that is viscus. It is a component of the cartilage. So the idea is to use this acid as a repairing agent for cartilage repair. And it should be noted that the effectiveness of the medicine would vary from patient to patient. In order to get the maximum output, the injection should be taken every week. And this should be continued for a number of weeks. Another thing to note is that the acid can only be useful if it is injected into the knee joint and nowhere else. And the risks involved include the chances for allergies.

Doing a bit of exercise

Physical therapy is a process that helps to strengthen the joints that are affected by various special exercises and motion therapies. This is perhaps the only method where no foreign ingredient is used in order to treat the issue. And hence, this is perhaps the safest method when it comes to different treatment methods. But keep in mind that overdoing the exercises can be dangerous and injuries can happen. Hence make sure that you follow the guidelines given a trained physiotherapist when it comes to doing exercises. Another fact is that this treatment method would be suitable for treating all the different kinds of arthritis. Sports activities like swimming can also help reduce the effect of arthritis. Whereas other activities like running should be avoided or else they might affect the joint health in an adverse manner.  The therapy must be done about 2 times a week.

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