Health Benefits of Hatha Yoga| Hatha Yoga Poses

Mar 09, 2019

Today’s busy and irregular lifestyle is hampering the health of everybody. We are surrounded by stress, anger, anxiety, unhealthy food habits and unhealthy lifestyle that results in bad health and serious diseases.  So to be a healthy human being, Hatha yoga is a good option for us.

Our ancestors practised Hatha Yoga from ancient times. It is an old system that includes yoga asanas and breathing exercises that stimulates peace to the mind and body and adds happiness to your life. It boosts the overall health of human being like:

•          Strengthens the muscles and enhances the balance of the body.
•          Increases the immunity of the body (yoga for immune system)
•          Relieves stress and anxiety (yoga exercises for stress relief)
•          Increases the concentration power of mind and build focus.
•          Improves the blood circulation in the body.
•          Maintains the flow of energy.
•          Most importantly it makes you happy(peace and happiness)

Hatha yoga is very beneficial for a healthy body and mind. It comprises of many yogasanas, a series of body postures. It develops the balance between body and mind in a spiritual way.

The word “Hatha” is a combo of Sanskrit word “Ha” and “Tha” which is a science of balancing Solar- Lunar energies that exist within us, and it connects us to our inner self.

The Sanskrit word “Ha” means Sun (Surya) and Sun is the origin of life-generating power that strengthens the power of body organs via circulation of blood and respiratory system. And “Tha” means Moon; the moon is responsible for the healing of mind and makes it calm and relaxed in a spiritual way. Together they magnify the physiological function of mind and body by attaining mental steadiness and realizing spiritual goals.

Hatha yoga is about driving your energy in a particular direction by using different body postures. It will bring benefits to life:

Keep your Heart healthy

Hatha yoga improves the blood flow to the heart and reduces the chances of heart problems like heart attack, or hypertension and yogasanas are the good health tonic to the body. By doing so, our blood circulation improves and heart functioning will be proper.

Stress Reliever

All Hatha yoga postures direct you towards mental peace and positivity. More and more practice gives you mental relief and works as a stress- buster. It boosts the positive energy of body and mind and brings happiness to your life.

Refine body posture and balance

The Hatha yoga poses like Plank pose, Downward Facing Dog Pose, Boat pose, warrior Pose and Chair asana strengthen the core of the body that improves flexibility and balance body postures to look confident. If all these poses perform well, you can make your core body strength and away from injuries.

Healthy and Glowing skin

The Hatha yoga Shat-Kriya posture works as a detoxifying agent and eliminate toxins from the body and purify skin and give healthy, glowing and lustrous skin.

Repair and treat backache

Plow pose, Cat Pose, Seated forward fold, Child's Pose, locust pose all these Hatha yoga poses help repair backache. But don’t force any posture that causes injury. This natural science is very useful in treating backache problems and give relief for a long time.

Healthy Bone density

Postures like Warrior pose, Triangle pose, Tree pose etc. help in increasing the bone density of the body. All these Hatha poses help in curing Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.

Daily practice results in building bone mass in the spine and minimise the risk of fragile bones.

Improve mobility in Joints

Tadasana, Makarasana, Swastikasana, Bhujangasana etc. are the yogasanas that strengthen muscles and give relief from knee and joints pain if you practice regularly. So doing Hatha yoga on regular basis improves the lubrication of joints.

Toning the spine

If the spine is rigid, the nervous system can’t work freely through the body. By doing bhujangasana, Cobra pose, the upper back is stretched out and relaxed. And by doing Paschimottanasana, the lower back gets stretched and relaxed. Thus your spine becomes toned and healthy.

Pranayama is the centre

The techniques involved in Hatha Yoga improves the force-Prana which ultimately improves the respiratory system of the body and nourish the mind and body. It is not wrong to say that pranayama is the centre of the Hatha Yoga style.
By doing respiration yoga, your mind becomes calm, more efficient and focused on your work and towards your life. Breathing eliminates the toxins of mind, and it becomes much easier to think positively.

Enhance Flexibility

The different yoga poses to build your body parts and revitalise all internal organs. By going through yoga poses regularly (yoga routine) you will increase the flexibility of your body and make your daily living more efficient.

Eliminate bad desires

Doing Hatha Yoga regularly helps to overcome undesirable cravings. If you have developed some bad habits like smoking, drugs, alcohol etc. it will help you to come out of all these bad habits, and soon you will be away from these cravings. A healthy body is definitely achieved by Hatha yoga.

“Our meaning of Hatha Yoga is Tenacity. To reshape our body to re-engineer the whole system in a very fundamental way”-    Sadhguru

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