6 Ways On How To Be Happy From Within

Feb 22, 2019

There are enough of causes for us to freak out like- sleeping through the alarm, dealing with a deadline that’s been unexpectedly moved up at work, or shattering iPhone screen while on a rush.

No matter how hectic things get, some people never seem frazzled- the lucky ones don’t sweat it!
It’s worth a wonder that what’s the secret to being so Zen?
What is the secret of tapping into a happy feeling on any given Tuesday?

It’s true that a stroke of sheer good luck isn’t enough for us to be a happy person. An unexpected work promotion or attending our favourite workout class is undoubtedly a fabulous mood booster. But we need to find the secrets of maintaining our cheery disposition even in the middle of the week (even if it’s raining, or listening to some bad news, or, or,…).

Mindful Ways To Boost Your Happiness


Look back over the past days and remember moments of happiness even if they are full of stress, anxiety, exasperation, impatience, worry, concern or anger. Fighting the daily battle of life, we stand here through thick and thin. There are people who roam on the streets with darkness in their souls. We don’t know who is sad and who isn’t. Is it the end of all?

Happiness isn’t about accomplishing everything we want to achieve in life. Nope. It’s always available during every step of our journey. The fleeting moments of happiness are what we must learn to value. It’s when you are eating a slice of fresh, hot and delicious pizza, or it’s in receiving praise for your work. It is when you glow from the inside- it’s a fabulous feeling of joy and pleasure.


Life can be hard, and it’s not all going to be plain sailing. There are the dullest of days when we are likely to become disheartened. Does it mean the end of our happy days?  Sometimes, we cannot choose what happens to us, but we can certainly choose our attitude to what happens.

We are responsible for our lives. Remember, it’s the mind which helps us to overcome downfalls because the mind has a remarkable power to determine happiness in life. It’s not wrong to take time to be sad but being kind to oneself can help. It is when we embrace and accept can we be happy. So next time anything negative happens, try taking a step back and think about the best way to conquer it.

“Happy people are problem solvers.” – Sonja Lyubormisky

It’s a truth, the more unsolved problems in our life, the more likely we tend to be unhappy. Often we create problems in our heads that aren’t out there in reality. We end up making ourselves miserable.

The keyword here is “solving” because happiness comes from solving problems. Happiness is a constant work-in-progress just like solving problems. It’s is the secret sauce of true happiness.

The happy ones address adverse situations, seek a solution and move on. While the unhappy think in circles- ruminating without resolution. It’s better if we spend 80% of our time finding solutions to the problems rather than complaining, whining or worrying about it. It’s not easy! But it’s great to focus our energy, time and thoughts in a much more beneficial way to be happy.


Never quit daydreaming! If anybody tells u to quit it, then they are wrong. Daydreaming helps to gain a new perspective on troubling issues, reduce stress, organise thinking, stimulate the mind in creative ways, and of course, makes us feel happier.

According to a research published by the Creativity Research Journal, daydreaming is associated with greater creativity. It is the best vehicle for engaging in creative pursuits that make us happy.

Daydreams are not for escaping the responsibilities of life. They are healthy when helpful in solving problems and fostering creativity. So let the thoughts take the flight to a distant island, a trekking path high in the mountains, a beach in Barbados or anywhere else. Indulge and be a happy soul!


It’s not necessary that we plan every minute of our day. In fact, this will probably end up causing a great deal more stress and worry that it would spark happiness.

We can try to get the most of our workday so that it becomes possible to relax and enjoy some of the time away from work.

One of the effective ways is that we plan our day in intervals. For example, working for an hour, and then taking a 10-minute break, and so on. Planning a day in intervals can improve our productivity because the brain cannot concentrate for longer than a few hours at a time.


The secret of lasting happiness is somehow escaping the daily grind and a high- stress job. It isn’t living in a bliss bubble.

We suggest taking a short meditation or at least turning away from all electronic media before turning off the lights. It’s better to spend this time reading, playing with a pet, or spending quality time with family. The reality is, it’s all about perspective and making an effort to make the minute-by-minute of each day better.

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