Prevent different types of diabetes with few easy steps

May 22, 2019

Human Beings are suffering from various types of diseases nowadays. Some curable, some not. Some for short time period, some lifelong. The main reason behind all these diseases is the lifestyle that we have and the type of food that we consume. One such type of disease with which now a days most of the people around the globe are suffering is Diabetes.  

This disease diabetes occurs when blood glucose in the human body, commonly known as blood sugar, reaches a high level. The food we eat produces blood glucose which is the chief source of energy for the body. Glucose extracted from food enters the cells of our body which is used as energy within our body. This glucose enters the cells of our body due to Insulin which is a hormone secreted by pancreas. Sometimes the body is not able to produce enough insulin or it even does not produce any insulin or is not able to utilize insulin properly due to which your body cells do not receive glucose as it remains there in your blood.

As this glucose stays in your blood for a long time, it causes health problems and this results in diabetes.

Let us dive into types of Diabetes:

Diabetes Type 1

In type 1 diabetes, your body does not have the ability to make insulin. To make insulin, the immune system outbreaks and destroys cells within the pancreas. Children and young adults are usually diagnosed by Type 1 diabetes and it appears at any age. To stay alive, a Type 1 patient must take insulin every day.

Diabetes Type 2

Insulin is not produced or used properly by the body in type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can happen to anyone at any age. Even infants are also seen affected by Type 2 Diabetes, but type 2 diabetes is mostly seen in older people. Type 2 diabetes is a disease which is commonly seen.

Gestational diabetes

Some of the pregnant women develop Gestational diabetes. In most cases it is seen that this diabetes vanishes when the woman gives birth to the baby but there are chances that she may get type 2 diabetes afterward in her lifetime.

Ways to Avoid Diabetes

There are several ways by which you can ensure the prevention of diabetes. We will be discussing out some of the ways by which you can prevent yourself from getting in the claws of Diabetes and stay healthy forever. So, let’s begin.

By Regular Workout

You should indulge yourself in regular physical activities (yoga for diabetes) to prevent yourself from diabetes. Insulin activities of your body cells are increased during exercise which results in less requirement of insulin for keeping blood sugar under control.

In overweight and prediabetic patients, many of the exercises have resulted in reduced insulin requirement and control blood sugar. Such exercise can be Aerobics or physical strength training.

Consumption of Water as much as possible

Drinking water can be of much use as it is a natural drink and it will not harm your body in any form.
The main advantage of drinking enough water is that it will prevent you from using artificial beverages (artificial sweetners)  which can have high sugar content in it along with various types of harmful preservatives and many other ingredients which may cause harm to your body.

Studies has shown that the people who drink more of these artificial and harmful drinks every day tend to have diabetes at a faster rate than those who avoid these drinks.
Studies have further shown us that people who drink enough water have a controlled blood sugar level and a high insulin response.

So, drinking water can give you several benefits directly or indirectly.

Try to lose your weight (best way to lose weight)

Majority of people suffering from type 2 diabetes are either overweight or obese. Visceral fat, a sort of bad fat is seen in many people now a days. This fat gets stored in their mid-section or abdominal organs which is near their liver area.

Having excess of this visceral fat results in inflammation and resistance in insulin which increases the chance of having diabetes.

If you even lose a small amount of your weight you may get yourself out of the risk of having diabetes. You can choose many of the ways by which you can lose your weight. The most common out of these is exercising and having vegetarian meals. You need to leave the habit of eating junk food as junk foods are the main reason for individuals to gain weight.

Have a fiber-rich diet

Having a diet which is full of fiber can be very beneficial in various aspects of health management. Various studies were done on overweight people and older people have shown that eating a high fiber diet helps in controlling the blood sugar level and insulin level. There are primarily two types of Fiber: one is soluble fiber and the other one is insoluble fiber. The main function of soluble fiber is to absorb water whereas the insoluble fiber’s work is moving the food smoothly through the intestine. So, if you have fiber-rich foods, it will keep you healthy and will also be beneficial for you in losing your weight and even will keep your stomach and the organs within it healthy.

Get your self away from the smoking habit

Smoking is literally the source of many diseases in the human body. It decreases your health condition. Many of the studies that are done on regular smokers show that people who smoke regularly expose themselves to type 2 diabetes. After effect of smoking are also seen in many of the people where after quitting smoking then also, they tend to have the diseases for around 12 to 13 years. So, if you smoke and that too regularly, you should seriously think about quitting it now.

Start Taking a Low Carb Diet

Diabetes can be avoided if you take a low glycemic index foods. Having a low carb diet is among the number of ways by which you can lose your weight and as we told you earlier, losing weight can really help you avoiding diabetes. After having a low carb diet, the blood sugar level does not increase too much and thus the body does not require too much of insulin to maintain blood sugar.       
So, we can summarize that if you have a good and healthy lifestyle, you can prevent yourself from getting affected by diabetes. So, at last we can suggest to eat healthy and stay healthy.

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