Make Yoga a Part of Your Everyday Routine| How to Practise Yoga Daily

Mar 12, 2019

In modern times people are suffering from physical and mental tension such as stress, insomnia, anxiety, lethargy, plus there is a lack of exercise or any physical activity. Making yoga a part of everyday life improves physical health, mental and spiritual state.

Yoga brings peace of mind, gratitude and positivity in life.

For some of us to fit into those hour-long yoga class isn’t always realistic. However even 15-20 minutes of yoga can have positive benefits on your physical and mental health. You do not necessarily need to devote an hour or 2 each day. After all, it’s all about quality over quantity Right?

Here are some easy ways to make yoga a part of your everyday life.

 Make it a habit of early start

Morning schedule is the best when it comes to practice yoga or any exercise routine. Decide a convenient time and stick with that time. If you don’t set time, you are more likely to get off track.

To make this a habit start easy and small because too much yoga, in the beginning, leads to exertion on muscles, this leads to quitting your habit. So, gradually increasing the time and intensity of the poses, get your body slowly used to it and make it a habit.
Find a Yoga Teacher or Guru

Finding a guru or a yoga professional for help is the best idea. You can do so by enrolling yourself to yoga classes whether in yoga centre which is closer to your home or by enrolling yourself to online classes provided by various yoga professionals across the globe.

For some people, time is the main issue due to various work and life commitments. There are many videos available online ranging from 10 minutes to an hour which you can choose according to your time, schedule and preference.
Make a schedule

Making a daily or weekly schedule for asanas will break the monotony and make your session more enjoyable. All you have to do is set up a sequence of asana and try variations as per your needs targeting different parts of the body.

Try a mix of easy and difficult sessions gradually.

Connect with nature

According to various studies spending time in nature have healing and calming effects on mind and body. Practice yoga in a park or outdoors in the lap of nature where you can breathe fresh air.

Yoga connects us to our internal nature by creating a connection with mind, breath and body. Practising yoga daily connects us with the elements and energy of nature.

Be Mindful about eating

Yoga emphasises on mindfulness which you should incorporate to your daily diet too. After all, you are what you eat. However, if you are consuming lots of junk and sugar loaded food or drinks, you won’t be able to achieve results.

Eat a diet which is full of fruits and veggies. It can be done by starting slowly and making small changes into your daily diet.

Practice Meditation
Yoga and meditation, when practised together, brings incredible benefits and connection between mind and body. Many yoga styles combine meditation with physical activity which includes deep breathing during asana.

Else, meditation can be practised without yoga, and this can be done by deep breathing, clearing your mind, concentrating and simply relaxing.

Monitor your body

Doing yoga regularly can transform your body. It increases body flexibility, weight loss, tone muscles. The more you practice yoga, the more positive changes you will feel in your body.
All you have to do is monitor your body and the goals you set in the beginning time to time to feel these changes and motivate yourself.

Breathe Deeply

Breathing technique is a crucial part of yoga. A deep breath helps you to relax and maintain the posture during meditation or yoga.

Incorporating deep breathing in your daily life feels relaxing, overwhelming and helps you sailing through stressful situations of your life.

Develop a positive attitude

Practising yoga and meditation with positive thinking is helpful for many people. It allows you to overcome negative thoughts and attain a happy and content life.
Incorporating yoga daily in your routine relieves internal tensions and brings out inner happiness.

Follow routine

According to various researches, routine plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle and happiness. People who develop routines into their daily life end up eating healthy, exercising daily and sleeping better consistently. Yoga benefits on the foundation of a firm routine. You can do breathing exercises while sitting anywhere or try some stretching poses while sitting on an office chair which helps in better blood circulation and prevents body aches due to bad posture.

Practising yoga daily improves strength, flexibility, reduce stress, increase energy, makes you happier, helps in becoming mindful, and makes you live longer.

Incorporating yoga daily in your life is easier than you think and fun. Don’t think of it as an exercise or feeling like a commitment but a positive lifestyle change and mindset towards life to reap its maximum benefits.

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