What are the things you need to know before booking a yoga retreat?

Jul 01, 2020

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a combination of exercises, relaxation, diet, breath control, positive thinking, and meditation aimed toward developing harmony within the body, mind, and environment. Most of the people are aware of the physical poses or yoga positions but do not know that yoga involves so much more.


What is a Yoga Retreat?

A yoga retreat is a withdrawal to concentrate on the practice of yoga. A retreat involves a visit to a place that provides group yoga activities. Within the western world, yoga retreats tend to resemble vacations at luxury resorts, but the eastern concept of retreats is more humble, leaning toward getaways. These are just like India's ashrams and monasteries.

Yoga retreats are temporary breaks from the daily routine that typically last for a week or more.
The basic purpose of a yoga retreat requires a  slower pace, few western-style retreats are recreational vacations that mostly feature five-star services, high-end eateries, and various activities that include yoga classes, massage, meditation, and even hiking, horseback riding and sightseeing.

Things to Know Before Booking a Yoga Retreat 

Yoga retreats are generally organized in attractive and delightful places, and in these places, you'll enjoy an adventurous experience. There are many options you’ll be given, like surfing, hiking, paddle-boarding, and you'll also get to experience some activities like cooking classes and exploring local markets nearby. There are many things to know before booking a yoga retreats.

  • Search for the trainer — If you would like to enjoy your yoga retreat, then you must search for a coach who can teach you everything about yoga. Choose the trainer wisely by watching his/her videos and knowing their experience and ways, which might match your personality.

  • Healthy food — The food you order is important because food is linked to your diet and a healthy diet is important to keep your body healthy. When looking for your yoga retreats, you must know the variety of food (Satwik Food) they serve, like vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals, because meals are a part of enjoying the community while sitting together to enjoy food and discuss your daily activities.

  • A community — During a yoga holiday, you must know the community you enter because you'll be surrounded by people who are looking forward to lessening with their intense weekly work. It will be a pleasant experience for you to interact with new people, discover new things, and celebrate within the community.

  • Reusable water bottle.

  • Light Yoga Dresses.

  • Jackets for morning or evening sessions.

  • A good book.

  • Yoga mat and towel.

  • Try leaving your laptop or mobile at home.

    Cost — The main thing to keep in mind before you travel anywhere is to understand its expenses. As you select any destination and your instructor, you ought to be very careful to understand the costs. One thing you can do to cut back your expenses is that you can share your room because you most certainly won’t spend much time in the room, so it’s best to share a space with anyone.

  • Pack your bags lightly —While packing for the Yoga retreat, take only the necessary stuff. It's not necessary to carry more than 3-4 pairs of leggings, socks, and T-shirts. Here is a simple packing list:

  • Change in your body

    Yoga classes will bring in a healthy change in you. You'll be able to lead a conscious lifestyle and you will have extra time to focus. It will increase your ability and the power to think. At first, you'll have pain in your body because you’re not used to it, but after you do it for a few weeks or months, you’ll start to notice the benefits.

    How to pick the best Yoga Retreat?


  • Yoga retreats are offered everywhere around the globe. Choose a favorite place you like or visit an area you're curious about discovering. 

  • You are more of a city person or a nature person? A beach person or a mountain person? If you like exploring culture, monuments, and arts, then consider places like Tuscany, Paris, or Spain. And if you enjoy being on a warm, sunny beach, then prefer to attend locations like Hawaii or Mexico.

  • Equally, if you do not like bugs or humidity, don't head to the rainforests of Costa Rica. If you like to enjoy the comfort of a bed, consider Sonoma, the San Juan Islands, or luxury retreat centers like Prana del Mar or Lumeria Maui. If you do not like camping, then don't go for a country retreat. 

The Theme of a Retreat

  • What are you trying to find? If the retreat relies on life coaching and personal growth but you're only looking for exercise and physical activity, then the fit won't meet your expectations. And if you're searching for tranquility but the schedule seems heavy with constant physical activity, then keep looking.

  • Ask what your intentions are and what you want to experience, e.g. get your life a direction, weight loss, dropping of old emotions, make new friends, etc. Read the descriptions of the retreat themes carefully and find the one that speaks to you and answers what you're searching for. The retreat's focus will compile like-minded people, so already you'll find a way of connecting to others which will enhance your experience.

    Level Of Luxury

  • This is often your vacation. There are 5-star luxury retreat centers that offer the yogic lifestyle with oceanfront, private decks, good service, and gourmet cuisine. At the opposite end of the spectrum, you may also choose camping options together with hiking and yoga.

  • There is something for everybody in-between as well. Know yourself well enough to settle on your best choice. And remember “off-grid” doesn’t mean an equal thing to everyone.

    Size of Retreat

  • Be certain to ask about the least and greatest number of guests on retreat. If you wander off in big groups over 40 or 50, then choose a retreat that features a comfortable range, let’s say, 10-15 people. 

  • Also, if you're someone who is looking to grow friendships on retreat, and the retreat will run with even just 3 people, then be able to choose wisely. The activities, besides the yoga, can even be influenced by the scale of the group.

      Style or Forms of Yoga

  • A retreat is often a sort of mini "teacher training" because, in 7 days, you’ll spend 168 hours altogether. Therefore, it's important to make sure you feel aligned with the design of yoga you'll be practicing ( Hatha, Ashtanga yoga, Power, etc.). You must also confirm the level of yoga practice (yoga for beginners, intermediate, advanced, multi-level)  which meets your needs.

  • For instance, if you would like a sweaty practice, but the itinerary only includes restorative yoga, set your expectations. Also, consider what proportion of yoga you'll practice while on retreat. Some yoga holidays may offer just one class each day, while others offer 2 classes daily and mini-workshops, private coaching, or yoga clinics.

  • If your definition includes meditation, philosophy, chanting, but the design offered doesn’t include what’s important to you, then keep looking.

    What is the schedule of yoga retreat?

    It differs from organization to organization, but this is the basic schedule of yoga retreat. These are the general retreat resources.

  • Tea is served in the morning.

  • Quiet Time – from 9pm at night until breakfast the next day we have a quiet time. This is a period for us to set ourselves up for the new day ahead. 

  • Morning Yoga Practice – dynamic, incredible and stream classes. Every week we center around an alternate topic and dive deep into a specific part of yogic way of thinking. Each day of the week we center around an alternate part of the body, so you get an full body exercise consistently. 

  • Morning Circle – This is a period for interfacing with others,  and praising life through high vibration games, development, sharing and reciting mantras. 

  •  Dharma Talks and Meditation – Each week we dive deep into various points from a profound way of thinking which involves intelligent conversations and meditation.

  • Evening Practice – In these classes we need to dive deep into understanding the connection between our body, vitality, breath and mind. We have to concentrate on a range of rules including Yin Yoga, Kundalini, Restorative and Qigong. 

  • Night Meditation – It includes mantra reciting, shower, and filtration. 

  • Food – an association serve 3 vegetarian suppers for every day, all made with fresh ingredients.

  • Saturdays and Sundays – To see that time here is adjusted, association save Saturday and Sunday for reflection, social exercises and self-work on relying upon what you have to energies. They offer discretionary day outings to different neighbourhood attractions (with extra cost).

What are the best places for yoga retreat 2020?

  • Asia

Sprouting Lotus Yoga Retreat, Bali

Known as "the Island of the Gods," Bali has immediately gotten one of the most famous goals on the planet for empowering yoga, and contemplation withdraws in Asia. It is tucked into a ravishing tropical wilderness.

▪ Length: 4 or 7-day alternatives

▪ Experience level: Beginner and Intermediate

▪ Remarkable highlights: Delicious vegan food, a private dive pool, and other luxuries.

North America 

Tree-bone Resort, California 

California concealed in the USA, has become a good spot for a retreat. With the ocean breeze in your hair and nature encompassing you, the Tree-bone Resort is simply the ideal spot for a good retreat.

▪ Length: 2 days 

▪ Experience level: Beginner and Intermediate 

▪ Prominent highlights: Views of the Pacific Ocean, evening rubs, and other luxuries.

South America 

Yoga Mandala, Sacred Valley, Peru 

Peru is a nation known for its natural scenes and its history, and it may not be the primary spot that rings a bell when you consider yoga. In any case, it's likewise one of the most profound places on the planet, especially the closer you move to the Sacred Valley. 

▪ Length: 3 to 5 days 

▪ Experience level: Beginner 

▪ Eminent highlights: Authentic Peruvian culture, eco-accommodating offices, day visits to Machu Picchu.

Central America 

Nautilus Boutique Hotel Wellness Retreats, Costa Rica 


Known for its lavish wildernesses and wonderful sea shores, Costa Rica has become a famous goal for something beyond health voyagers. However, Santa Teresa, in northwestern Costa Rica, is one spot that pulls in yoga addicts from over the globe. 

▪ Length: 7 days 

▪ Experience level: All levels welcome (equipped towards amateurs) 

▪ Remarkable highlights: good breakfast served day by day, sea perspectives, and full body rubs included.


Villa Mandala Manor and Resort, Finland

At the point when you consider Finland, you may not consider yoga. However, starting now and into the foreseeable future, you will. Only an hour drive from Helsinki in the city of Loviisa sits one of the world's most famous yoga resorts: the Villa Mandala Manor.

▪ Length: 4 days 

▪ Experience level: All levels welcome

 ▪ Remarkable highlights: Traditional wood-warmed sauna, biking and climbing trails, and other luxuries.


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