Yin Yang Yoga Poses| Yin Yoga Benefits You Need To Know

Mar 16, 2019

We are living in a world that requires constant processing on all the information we receive. It doesn't matter whether this information is valuable or not, but our brain has to deal with it. Our mind is over flooded with thoughts.

Now, what if you are tired of forced flooded thoughts?

People generally opt for other popular styles of Yoga asana to give relief to their body and mind. Those active yoga poses may calm down your mind and stimulate energy, but we still need a gap- a space in our mind to be yourself and to re-create our energy.

Have you heard about Yin and Yang Yoga?

Yin and Yang Yoga is the right choice for you to achieve total balance in your life. It is a slow- paced yoga that brings balance to your life slowly, steadily and beautifully. Yin and Yang exercise work different on different tissues and yet both are the compliment to each other.

Why choose Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga works on connective tissues. By holding poses for a long time, the stretch in muscles and tissues, strengthen them and make them stronger. In our body tendons, joints, ligaments, and fascia are Yin.

Just like Vinyasa yoga Yang practice give heat and stretch to muscles and make them flexible and more movable. And our muscles and blood are yang in our body.

It consists of long-held poses that mainly work on spine, pelvis and lower body parts. By holding poses for a long time, the stretch in muscles and tissues strengthen them and make them stronger.

The only thing Yin yoga require is Patience. Practising Ying asanas give a chance to re-create stillness, patience, and calmness to your body and mind. We feel more connected to ourselves, and it makes more curious about the inner world.

Meditation and Yin- Yang Yoga

 Yin yoga is just like meditation for Begineers. This practice gives long-lasting relief to tension and stress; refresh mind deeply. It brings clarity of thoughts and understandings. Yin and Yang both are inter-related to each other, and their meditation techniques are a compliment to each other.

Yang meditation approaches to control our rational thoughts and direct mind to focus and attention. It deals with mind and brings the states of peace, love, calm and compassion. It’s like structured meditation.

Yin meditation develops the qualities of mind like tolerance, response, reception, allowance etc. Its work intends towards experience in a relationship. In this meditation, a person cultivates self-knowledge and wisdom in his life.

Do you know which part of our body we use the most and we take the least care of it?

It's our Mind. Yin yoga is the best way to take care of your body and mind without using a mat or doing particular postures. Its aims to enhance the blood circulation of the body and regulate the proper flow of oxygen to the mind.

By doing Yin yoga, you can make yourself free from- anxiety, craziness, boredom, and sadness. Just breathe and this way you can clear your unconscious emotions from your mind and make your system to work more efficiently and competently.

Increases Flexibility

Yin yoga increases the mobility in joints, ligaments, limbs, and tendons. It stretches the muscles tissues and increases flexibility naturally.
Baddha Konasana yoga involves stretching of back muscles including muscles of legs and abdomen and lengthen the spine. Whereas in Butterfly pose, muscles got relaxed and it strengthens spine gradually.

So by increasing time to yin poses you can enhance the movements in joints and circulation in bones. By stretching muscles for a long time, the tissues get stretched, strengthen similarly and your body starts responding accordingly.

Yin Rejuvenates You

Doing Yin yoga regularly helps you to cultivate emotions for yourself and brings faith, compassion, love, and self-esteem to your life. It soothes the nervous system and allows your heart to open, cherish and nourish. It beautifully connects the body with the soul and brings happiness to your life.

We learn to listen to our inner voice and experience a deep sense of stability and sincerity. Ultimately it enhances our ability to survive in this fast running world. It allows you to re-invent yourself and brings out the best version of yourself.

Deep Sense of Relaxation

Till now we clearly understand that Yin yoga is a slow-paced yoga and it requires Patience. Slowly and steadily you will achieve the ultimate relaxation of body, mind, and soul.
The intimate practice of Yin yoga filled you with the feeling of self-worth and self-love. It gives you a more relaxed body with a focussed mind.

Yin- Full of Challenges

It's challenging to hold on so long in a particular pose, it can bring emotions like anger, frustration, irritation or even tears but with the pace of time, we reach the goal and the emotions that are stored in different parts of the body get released and bring sensation to both body and mind.
So to train yourself to be comfortable with discomfort brings strength, openness to your body and mind.
So if you want to experience the complete balance in life, you should try Yin Yoga.

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