Best Yoga Stretches and Its Benefits| Yoga Stretching Poses

Mar 14, 2019

Stretching is an act of lengthening or extending your complete body. It is essential to stretch before and after your exercise. It improves the overall movement of your body and helps in better coordination between mind and body.

Stretching has utmost importance in yoga as a lot of yoga asana or postures include flexible movements. Stretching and yoga yield great results together. However, it can be included in your daily yoga routine. You can add it in your daily routine before you wake up in the morning or go to bed in the night.

Let’s discuss in detail the importance of stretching in yoga.

Improves Body Flexibility

Stretching improves body flexibility and helps to lengthen muscles. It means how long one can stretch.

You might not be able to touch your toes during your first yoga class, and you might feel pain and stiffness in the body. However with daily practice and stretching regularly, you will notice a difference in your muscles which will become more flexible, the touching of the toe will become easier, and the body aches and stiffness will disappear.

Stretching makes your body more flexible and improves overall movement of your body.

Strengthens Muscles

When stretching is clubbed with yoga or any form of exercise enhances muscles growth. Stretching reduces muscular tension and improves the efficiency of muscles by strengthening muscles. It also improves blood flow to your muscles and delivers essential nutrients to various body parts.

Strong muscles protect the body from conditions like joint pain, back pain (Yoga For Back pain), and muscle pain.

Improves Posture

Poor posture leads to neck pain, back pain, joint pain, and muscle pain and even the bad blood circulation. Moreover, the body adapts to the posture you spend doing the most time.

Stretching clubbed with yoga or any other exercise helps release tension in hamstrings, neck, spine, and shoulders. It also counteracts the effects of sitting all day, increase body awareness and results in better posture.

Prevents Joint Pain

When muscles are tight and tense, it becomes weak and creates unnecessary pressure on joints and various body parts.

Regular stretching ensures that all the muscles maintain an equal degree of pull and the joint is able to move freely with proper movement and less stress on muscles.

Strengthens Spine

Stretching clubbed with various asana such as forward bends, backward bends, Downward Facing Dog Pose, Tadasana keeps your spine disk supply.

Improves Bone Health

Many asanas in yoga require lifting your body weight with full body stretch. The weight bearing asana strengthens bones and helps to eliminate arthritis pain and fractures.

The regular stretching or yoga helps to strengthen muscles and promotes bone growth too.

Improves Blood Circulation

Stretching enhances blood circulation in the body which allows the maximum amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to muscles, and organs including heart, brain and throughout the body. It helps in recovering the injuries faster and removes waste products of muscle tissue.

Better blood circulation in the brain improves focus and encourages good mood.

Boosts Stamina and Energy

When stretching exercise is included as a part of your fitness routine, it builds-up energy, and your muscles are stimulated.

With stimulated muscles, you can move more easily, freely and quickly without wasting so much energy. Daily stretching increases your stamina. Thus, you tend to feel less tired and more energetic.

Decrease Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness is caused due to tension in muscles. Including stretching in your daily routine relieves body stiffness, muscle cramps, muscle soreness. It makes your body more active with muscles performing so much better.

Reduce Risk of Muscle Injury

Stretching may help in reducing the risk of injuries.

Stretching before exercise or yoga as a part of warm-up increases body temperature and prepare your body for further exercises. Due to this reason stretching is always considered as an important part of preventing injuries as cold muscles in the body are more tend to sprain, rupture and cramps.

Improves Health

According to various research, different types of stretching in yoga helps reduce blood pressure, relieves stress, reduce anxiety, treats insomnia (guided meditation for insomnia)(, fatigue, infertility, improves body coordination and have calming effects on mind and body.

Thus it has a positive impact on your health and improves quality of life.

Helps in Better Sleep

Stretching relaxes your muscles. Performing some light stretches before you go to bed aids in a good night sleep.

Include stretching in your daily routine and feel the difference in the overall performance in your body.


If you are pregnant (Prenatal Yoga), it’s always better to do stretching under the supervision of an expert.

If you have any muscle cramp, body pain, any acute or joint pain, check with your therapist before stretching. Stretching the muscles with any of the problems might cause permanent damage to muscles.

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