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Amayaan Corporate Wellness Programme

Amayaan’s flexible, first of its kind programs, packages and solutions are designed to suit your organisation’s wellbeing journey today, and evolve as your business and wellbeing needs changes

Workplace stress management

Know and acquire means to make your employee happier, healthier and more productive

People engagement to ignite businesses

We live and operate in very demanding world, which often leaves us disengaged, and at risk of burnout. Our tools engage and inculcate good habit among your people

360 degree wellbeing for better life

Wellbeing is often misunderstood by financial and physical wellbeing. We focus on all 8 dimensions of wellbeing for a better life

Programs to boosts individual strength and productivity

Employee’s today are more informed than ever and wellbeing services are essential to fuel in positivity

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness also known as Workplace Wellness, Corporate Wellbeing, or Workplace wellbeing is a set of initiatives by employer to improve physical health of team, reduce level of stress, garner drive to deliver, cut down sick leaves and to enhances overall productivity of people by keeping them safe sound and happy. Corporate Wellbeing is not limited to traditional programs of encouraging healthy habits but toholistic approach to employee wellness by creating a culture of health and happiness.

Why corporate wellness program is important for you?

The lifestyle of employees is important for both their individual health and their organization’s growth. Companies must opt for a relevant corporate wellness programs to improve their profitability in long run by building a health oriented, high morale and productive workforce. A well-designed wellness program is important for businesses as it helps with:

Employee Recruitment and Retention
Improved Health behavior
Productivity boost
Reduced Healthcare cost
Reduced Absenteeism
Reduced Elevated Health risks

How Amayaan Optimizes your HR Investment:

From the time involved in finding the right wellbeing solution partner tothe money required to implement, communicate, and measure effectiveness, the investment in a corporate wellbeing solution is significant. The appeal of Amayaan’s wellbeing solutions lies in it’s flexibility and breadth because every organization and individual’s needs are different.

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Wellness Retreats

4 Days Refreshing Waterfall Hiking Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India

  • Available at multiple dates
  • Instruction Language : English
  • Vegetarian friendly

Starting from $ 550 3 4

4 Days Yoga Meditation Naturopathy Retreat India

  • Available all year round
  • Instruction Language : English
  • Vegetarian friendly

Starting from $ 267 3 4

9 Days Self-Awareness Yoga Philosophy Retreat Rishikesh, India

  • Available all year round
  • Instruction Language : English
  • Vegetarian friendly

Starting from $ 450 8 9