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Amayaan aims at providing wellness to everyone, every day. We have tried our best to form a platform where we connect wellness leaders, contributors and wellness seekers to create a healthier world. We have been working our best to put forward all kinds of wellness products and services for wellness seekers. We have taken the initiative that your retreat would be connected to millions of highly targeted wellness seekers, thus providing you an opportunity to fill the retreat slots fast.

Hosts can add their wellness retreat on Amayaan for free. There are two basic fees applied whenever a customer makes payment for your retreat: Commission and payment processing. Once a customer books a retreat of their choice and pays through our system, we keep a standard 14.5% commission on the listed price. We also take a standard 3% payment processing fee that is processed through PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. That means for the initial deposit you end up saving money on payment processing fees. The final amount will be transferred over to you after deducting the bank transfer/ PayPal payout processing fee. If a customer books a retreat through Amayaan but chooses to pay directly, we will send you an invoice for the 14.5% commission.

Here's how:

Go to the Partners page.

By clicking on let’s go button, you will go through our policies. Create a retreat that you'd like to host by signing up to the page: Register Here

After reviewing the provided information by the host, we will find out whether the details are complete. When everything is fine we will get back to the host within a stipulated time.

At Amayaan hosts are allowed to keep the minimum deposit of 14.5% of the booking amount. This will ensure committed customers for the retreat and increase in sales. A commission will be deducted from the deposit and the rest will be paid to the host. We send payments only when a minimum balance of US$30 is reached. This will save the transfer fees. The hosts can always reach our support team for early payments.

You can choose from different options to receive the payments like direct deposit, PayPal, Western Union, and International wire. The payment process at Amayaan is easy and stress-free.

We currently support the following methods of payment: PayPal, Direct deposit, Western Union, and International wire.

• Strong online presence - At Amayaan the retreats are actively marketed on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to make sure that your retreat reaches the widest number of potential customers.

• Quick confirmation - The bookings will be confirmed immediately for a hassle-free experience.

• Innovative tools - Our website and mobile apps are kept up-to-date. You can always optimise your page for more bookings.

• Reviews - At Amayaan you will always get legitimate reviews. It will increase the credibility of your retreat.

• 24/7 Support - Amayaan is always at assistance for its hosts and the customers.

There is no need to confirm any booking. It will immediately be confirmed online. Hosts do not have to look at every possible request of the potential customers.

The hosts will get a direct notification in their inbox when a customer enquires or books the retreat. Communication can also be made from the admin dashboard. It’s nice and convenient.

The drop in internet connection is likely to cause the problem. We have an Autosave option running all the time that saves the data you input. Anything you add after the drop in connection won’t be saved if you refresh.

Sure. The presentation of your retreat is really important for us. Once your retreat is submitted, we make sure it’s got all the elements of an optimised listing.

You can update the details anytime once you have registered with us.

The retreat title should be unique and authentic. Keep it limited to 5-20 words only. Do not exceed the limit.

With so many retreats applying to be part of our platform, it can take up to 5 days to be approved. At a minimum, it can be approved within 48 hours. We try to make the process as smooth and quick as possible for you.

A good listing must have rich descriptions. Give a full itinerary, and fill out all the little details. It’s really important to add the local information and the travel information. Customer will reward the listings who answer them upfront.

Adding reviews is really important for a retreat to get a good amount of enquiries. Customers always look for social proof about your retreats. Having a solid set of reviews is always good. Add links of the platforms like TripAdvisor to get legitimate reviews on your retreat.

• Make sure you respond to all the enquiries of the customers within an hour.

• Follow up with enquiries 5 times.

• Ensure you have a solid set of reviews.

• People are always like to book those retreats which have a mix of positive and negative reviews. People trust those which have at least one negative review.

• Airport transfers are important for a retreat in a far-off country. Include both pickup and drop off facility for the customers.

• A retreat must ensure that they are providing end to end services to the customers. They will deeply appreciate it.

If your retreat has a free cancellation policy, then the customer will not be charged.If there is no free cancellation policy on your retreat, then you must pay the customer a cancellation fee.

It’s very important to upload the photos and other media of your retreat. The customers like to look at the photos of the retreat you are offering. Use high- quality photos to show the beauty of your retreat. Have a stellar featured image. Your featured image is the most important aspect of getting more inquiries. A low or medium quality picture is less likely to grab attention.

Adding video to your retreat will always reward you. Videos add a true feel and authenticity of what you offer.

You can manage the location of your retreat on the Google Map. Drop the pin on the exact location. This will create a hassle-free experience for the customers.

Yes you can cancel the retreat. Please read our cancellation policies.

Go to your profile then check for the settings related to bookings and spots available. Avoid the retreat from getting overbooked.

Creating a retreat is a wonderful service you can do to the spiritual seekers around the world. Our vision of spreading wellness and good health is topmost. We thank you for your kind efforts of making this vision a reality for people.