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Amayaan Partner Programme is an initiative that connects your retreat to millions of highly targeted wellness seekers, thus providing you an opportunity to fill your retreat slots fast

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Use our platform to create the soulful retreats, give it a global reach.

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Wellness enthusiasts from around the world Register more than one retreat at a time Phone or email support

Phone or Email Support

Receive 24/7 support from our team in your time zones, so that you never miss any enquiries worldwide.

Marketing and Promotion

Search Engine Optimisation

We welcome wellness professionals from around the world to host a retreat full of unique experiences. These have become a fantastic way of personal development as well as professional development. At Amayaan, the retreats are actively marketed on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to make sure that your retreat reaches the widest number of potential customers. We promote your retreat through many different social media channels and platforms available such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, e-mail marketing, and many more. These will help you connect with people from a place of authenticity and genuine passion.

Google Maps for Your Retreat

In order to successfully rank your retreat, we try to dominate all available channels. Your listing on Amayaan is advertised with Google Maps as well. With the help of Google Maps, your retreat can get the highest positions in search results. For better visibility of your retreat, you can optimise the listing by adding an accurate and precise address. Pin your retreat location directly on the map to avoid any inconvenience for the customers. Add high- quality photos which must represent an accurate view of your retreat. You can add the points of interest and highlights of your retreat location to attract customers.

Easy Access through Flights and Cabs

We take care of all the nitty-gritty details to make a comfortable retreat experience for your customers. Don’t worry if your retreat is on a secluded location. We are partnering with various Airlines and cab services to manage the whole travel experience of your customers. We want to make it a hassle-free experience by providing facilities like free Airport Transfers, air-conditioned cab services, shuttle bus services, and lots more. We can help you provide the cab schedules closer to your retreat locale.

Attractions Near Retreats

We will promote your dream retreat by recommending the nearby attractions to the customers. It’s easy to transport people mentally to the retreat location and have people book your retreat. You can share highlights of your experience to make it stand out from the crowd. Make your retreat more robust by adding holistic activities to magnetically attract customers dedicated to wellness and spirituality. Consider adding local sightseeing so that your customers make the most of their experience by exploring the local sights. Include nearby natural attractions to get your customers out of unhealthy patterns and bring them back into the natural vibrations of the world.

Recommendations and Reviews

Word of the mouth has gained immense importance nowadays. The retreats with the highest recommendations get more enquiries. Finding a life-changing retreat experience is based more on recommendations by friends and family members. Articles in the industry leading blogs can have a large influence on customers as well. From influencers to wellness bloggers and prominent media outlets, we have got them all covered. We make sure your brand is always being talked about. At Amayaan, you will always get legitimate reviews. It will create the perfect testimonial for your retreat. That means more people turn to our platform when it comes to searching for wellness retreats.

What to Expect from Amayaan

More Customers

Our top marketing strategies aim to bring more people to your retreats.

Genuine bookings

With our easy, quick, and safe booking process you get serious enquiries.


Our reliable team is always at your assistance.

Elite marketing strategies

Result-oriented marketing strategies to help you grow your business.

Efficient support

Fast and efficient customer support for when you need something done now.

Streamlined business operations

Streamlined booking process to get faster response times on your retreats.

Personal touch

People who give value to your job and you, not just your pocket.

Genuine care

People who genuinely care about you and what you’re offering to the world.

Multilingual Retreats

Find retreats in various languages

Happy to Help You

We are committed to help you thrive as a retreat owner.
Our support system is flexible to all- whether you are a solo operator or a large retreat centre.

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Reach out via email at [email protected]
phone at +91-97-1716-0971 for any queries. We love talking to you. We see it as true collaboration.

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Tools to Help You Manage Your Retreats

Save time

Make bulk changes to all retreats or select a group in your portfolio

Set your rules

Find the right guests for your retreats by setting house rules and requirements that need to be met

Everything at a glance

Make bulk changes to all retreats or select a group in your portfolio

Analyze your performance

Understand how your business is doing with the comprehensive analytics tools

Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority

Here’s how we protect your retreats
Set your own rules

Choose the prices, policies, and rules for each property

Support on demand

Report guest misconduct at any time

Find the right guests

Set requirements and criteria guests must meet

Setting Prices

Our pricing structure is based around the idea that the price you set is the price guests pay. We don’t add anything on top of the price you set, so you can price your property competitively and receive more guests.

Simple. Secure. Affordable.

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What happens if my property is damaged by a guest?

Property owners can request damage deposits from guests. Deposits can help cover any potential damage that a guest might cause, providing assurance that your property will be treated respectfully. If anything does go wrong, it can be reported to our team through our misconduct reporting feature.

What will happen after I sign up?

After you’ve registered your retreat, we will review your information to make sure we have everything we need. You’ll then receive an email with login details for your Console. This is where you’ll go to update your availability and prices. After that you’ll receive instructions on how to set your property live on Amayaan.com!

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