12 Days Return Home Program with Yoga and Senses Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

  • location Parigata Resort, Sanur

12 Days Return Home Program with Yoga and Senses Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

Yoga and Senses Retreat in Bali

The yoga and senses retreat is an invitation to discover Balinese philosophy and spirituality, and to re-find its authenticity. A program immersed in softness, in the heart of nature ... in contact with your own nature.

Slow down, breathe, reconnect with yourself ...

Well-being is here and now ...

This retreat program is for anyone seeking meaning, self-discovery, harmony, well-being . Different activities are offered to you during the retreat. You will live from the inside, discover the Balinese culture, be bathed in traditions: meditation, yoga, walks in the nature, learning of the medicinal plants, blessing ceremony and Hindu purification, silence ... live the present moment, listen to your deepest desires ...


12 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English; French; Indonesian;
The maximum participants in the group is 10


  • 2 nights accommodation in a hotel in Sanur and 3 nights in a hotel in Ubud
  • 7 days and 6 nights at Made's Cottage, an ecological retreat center in the middle of the Balinese countryside, Ubud region
  • French speaking guide & well-being facilitator during the 12-day program (French guide and Made)
  • Full board during the 7 days of retreat in the Ubud region
  • Breakfast included on free days in Sanur and Ubud
  • Various activities, discoveries, yoga classes and meditation
  • Digital detox and moment of silence
  • 1 traditional Balinese body massage
  • 1 foot massage, foot reflexology

Skill level

  • Advanced
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Retreat Style

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Kriya Yoga
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Day 1 Airport- Sanur

Arrival at Bali airport and transfer to your hotel with your French speaking guide and driver (30 minutes).

Sanur is the first seaside resort in Bali that has taken advantage of its charms to become a welcoming and family-friendly place. Over time, the Balinese transform this coast to create a nice beach with its seaside path of more than 5 kilometers in length where swimming is punctuated by the tides. Here everything is peaceful, between modern shops, upscale restaurants and "warungs " (small restaurants) typically Balinese ... by the sea or in the city center .

The rooms are available from 14:00.

Meals are not included.

Day 2 Sanur - Foot reflexology, Sanur beach and swimming.

A sweet day for your first Balinese immersion! The opportunity for you to discover Sanur with its seaside, suitable for swimming and relaxation.

A foot massage awaits you this morning, based on foot reflexology, it is a traditional massage in the form of acupressure, to relieve tension in the body and relieve some pains, physical and mental. Ideal after a long flight!

Lunch on Sanur beach (local cuisine with rice, grilled fish) and bathing in the program.

Back to the hotel in the middle of the afternoon

Day 3 Sanur - Ubud Region

You will leave in the late morning, towards the Ubud region, a place unspoiled tourism, far from the bustle of the center of Ubud, located in the heart of nature, between rice fields and rainforest. This is where you will live your yoga and senses retreat.

Arrival and welcome at Made with the team in the early afternoon, your Balinese host and wellness escort.

During these 7 days, you will discover the Balinese philosophy of life, live in immersion in the heart of an abundant nature and Made will share with you his knowledge and well-being inspirations.

All days during the retreat at Made will be on foot, except on day 7, you will go by car with a driver to the sacred temple of Tirta Empul .

The phones, smartphones, ipad ... are given on the first day of the retreat to Made and retrieved on the last day of the retreat (digital detox ), for the good progress of the program and the respect of each one. Nothing is imposed here, which is why time slots will be proposed at the end of the afternoon, for people who wish to contact their relatives.

Free afternoon today to enjoy the natural swimming pool, relax, stroll through the lush nature, listen to the birds singing, or simply enjoy silence. Let yourself be inspired by the beauty and tranquility of the place.

Initiation to meditation at sunset. Meditation makes it possible to live the present moment, to pay attention to your feelings, your breathing, for a greater inner harmony.


Day 4 - Ubud region . Initiation to Yoga, Offering workshop, Purification Ceremony with a Hindu Priest, Initiation to Meditation

Initiation to yoga at sunrise, using relaxation exercises and yoga postures, which helps soothe the mind and body and better manage emotions. You will be initiated and accompanied by Made during all yoga and meditation sessions.


A workshop will be then proposed to you, " Canang sari" making, which are offerings used in all the Hindu ceremonies, with flowers, incense, rice. They will be prepared for the blessing ceremony with the Hindu high priest. In Bali, the Gods are numerous and the opportunities to celebrate them are not lacking!


Free time

The Hindu ceremonies really punctuate the everyday life of Hindu Balinese. Also you will participate in a Hindu purification and blessing ceremony orchestrated by a local priest (Pemangku), in a temple. Depending on dates and Hindu balinese calendar, the ceremony will take place with group only or with the presence of local people. Between prayers, offerings and purification with sacred water ... immersion in Balinese spirituality for your well-being!

Initiation to meditation at sunset. Meditation improves your health and helps you resist stress better. An experience to live from within.

Having dinner

Day 5- Ubud region . Initiation to yoga, nature walk, introduction to meditation

Initiation to yoga at sunrise. Yoga helps to develop a general well-being. It promotes calm and serenity and improves sleep. Yoga allows you to gain more awareness of your body.


Stroll in nature to walk "in conscience", at your own pace, in the rice fields. Watch, listen, awaken one's senses, be in contact with nature, in connection with your body, with yourself. A great opportunity for you to learn to slow down, feel, breathe.


Free time

Initiation to meditation at sunset. Meditation favors the present moment, concentration, attention, when practicing regularly. Sit, breathe, let go ...

Having dinner

Day 6 - Ubud region - Yoga session, soft medicine workshop, meeting with a Balinese wise man, meditation session

Sunrise yoga session that allows body control and increased flexibility. It also brings dynamism and vitality to better withstand fatigue.


A workshop of alternative medicine awaits you, to discover the wealth of Balinese flora and its healing properties in local traditional medicine. Natural remedies based on medicinal plants, to heal your body in a healthy and natural way! An original and fun workshop in contact with the abundant nature of Bali!


Free time

Meeting with a Balinese wise man, this man is able to deliver messages of wisdom, philosophy of life, to better live your life. The Balinese come to consult him for a purification ceremony or to heal health problems, related to the physical, the mental. Many consider him as a healer.

Meditation session at sunset. Meditation allows one to focus on one's breath and the present moment. You will learn to step back from your thoughts, which brings benefits to your body and your health.


Day 7 - Ubud region. Tirta Temple Empul and cleansing ceremony, fasting speech, meditation session

You will leave very early this morning in the company of Made to go to Tirta Temple Empul, a high place of pilgrimage of the Hindu Balinese. Located in green nature, the inhabitants come to this temple to carry out their rituals of purification, in its sacred source! You will also participate in a purification ceremony ... in the water!


Fasting of speech will begin when you return to Made and throughout the day. A wonderful opportunity to learn to rest your mind, do not talk, pay attention to breathing, the present moment. An invitation to awaken one's senses, to explore one's feelings, one's sensations, to listen to one's well-being, in relation with oneself. Made will be present to accompany you during all day, to live as best as possible these moments with yourself.


Meditation at sunset

Having dinner

Day 8- Ubud . Yoga session, introduction to traditional Legong dance, individual interview, meditation session, Legong dance performance and closing dinner.

Yoga session at sunrise, yoga promotes confidence and serenity. The practice of asanas (postures) tones the body, respecting its limits, its capabilities. Pranayama (breathing exercises) will teach you how to breathe slowly and regularly to find vitality and health.


Initiation to the traditional Legong dance (with a balinese dancer), formerly in the courts of Rajas (kings) and interpreted by young dancers during Hindu ceremonies. Music, dance, theater are an integral part of Balinese culture. An ode to femininity and grace! It's your turn to dance.


Individual Interview with Made: Being-Realizing

Meditation session at sunset. Meditation invites you to develop your ability to live the present moment. It promotes concentration, calm and inner peace.

Legong dance performance and closing dinner: Legong dancers will offer you a show at nightfall, to make you discover this traditional Balinese dance.

Day 9- Ubud region . Yoga session, thank you circle, end of Yoga and Sense Retreat

Yoga session at sunrise to regain flexibility and inner strength.


You will enjoy your morning at your own pace to swim in the pool, walk one last time in nature, or simply do nothing if not breathe, live the moment.

A thank you circle will then be held, with Made and his team, all participants will be invited to be together one last time, to thank each other for these precious moments lived together. Sharing, positive thoughts, laughs ...


Arrival at your hotel near Ubud in the early afternoon. The opportunity to relax by the pool, to meditate in front of the rice fields or to go to the city center for shopping ... according to your desires of the moment.

Day 10- Ubud. Free day

The opportunity for you to practice yoga in one of the many yoga schools, to taste traditional dishes, to walk in the surrounding rice fields. The opportunity also to have a massage in one of the many spas of Ubud, or simply relax by the pool. You also have the opportunity to discover the surroundings of Ubud in the villages of Mas (village famous for its woodcarving) and Celuk (for its work on silver jewelry). All Balinese handicraft awaits you here!

Possibility to organize various activities such as massages, cultural visits, walks (activities optional and with supplement) on site with the agency.

Only accommodation and breakfast are included this day, participants decide their own program.

Without driver and without guide.

Day 11- Ubud. Free day

The opportunity to indulge in a last Balinese massage, or to make your last purchases in the city center which is full of beautiful shops. You will also have the opportunity to visit art galleries, museums, such as the Arma Museum, which offers you to discover beautiful traditional and modern paintings, to better understand Balinese culture.

Possibility to organize various activities such as massages, cultural visits, walks (activities optional and with supplement) on site with the agency.

Only accommodation and breakfast are included this day, participants decide their own program.

Without driver and without guide.

Day 12. Transfer to the airport

You will be rejuvenated, in harmony with yourself, you will dance with life. Meeting with the Balinese spirituality, Made, the inhabitants, discovering the Balinese well-being will make you want to continue living according to Balinese philosophy, in the present moment ...


3 hours at the airport, before your departure time.

The rooms are to be released at noon.

What is included

  • 11 nights accommodation
  • Transfer from and to the airport and transfer to the hotels mentioned in the program
  • Transportation during the activities planned in the program
  • Half board during the days in Sanur
  • Full board during the retreat with Made in the Ubud region
  • Breakfasts on free days in Ubud
  • All the lessons and activities mentioned in the program
  • 1 traditional Balinese massage
  • 1 foot massage, foot reflexology
  • Visit of a sacred temple with 1 purification ceremony
  • 1 workshop on offerings and 1 workshop on the traditional plants
  • Initiation to traditional Balinese dance
  • Meeting with a Balinese priest
  • Fencing show with traditional Balinese dance

What is not included

  • Air tickets
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Optional activities
  • Transport guide and driver during free days
  • Lunches and dinners on free days in Ubud
  • Dinners during the days in Sanur

Additional Details


During your stay, you will stay at Hotel Parigata Resort (or equivalent) by the sea, when you arrive in Sanur .

Afterwards, you will spend the retreat in an exceptional place designed by Made, his friends and loved ones to welcome people from other country ( Made doesn’ live here with his family). Made will be your well-being and spiritual companion. Made's cottage is a place that respects the environment and is 100% natural (bamboo cottages, wooden furniture, natural swimming pool, vegetarian meals, rice fields). To live well, Made has created a beautiful place nestled in the middle of nature, which resembles its definition of happiness, between simplicity, authenticity and friendliness. Composed of wooden chalets and inspired by the local Balinese habitat, it is a place conducive to tranquility, silence, return to oneself.

The end of the stay will take place at Om Ham retreat center (or equivalent), a few minutes from the center of Ubud.

Note: Made's cottage is a non-smoking, environmentally friendly place to live. However, it is possible to smoke outside the enclosure.


Things to Do


  • Relax by the pool
  • Have a massage in the different hotels of the program and during your retreat with Made (with supplement)
  • Go on a ride in nature
  • Meditate in front of the rice fields
  • Go shopping (in Sanur and on the last 2 days of the program in Ubud )
  • Possibility to organize on site with the agency different activities such as massages, cultural visits, walks (optional and extra activities)

On site at Made, the following activities and facilities are offered: free access: yoga room, outdoor pool, badminton court, meditation garden, terrace, restaurant

The following activities and facilities are subject to fees: spa, massage


The days spent in Sanur will be half board.

During the retreat with Made, full board is included. The meals will be vegetarian and organic. Raw or steamed food for a healthy and nutritious diet every day with fresh food directly from the organic garden of the place will be served. Unlimited water during your retreat with Made.

For the last free days in Ubud, only breakfast is included allowing you to discover Balinese gastronomy.

If you follow a specific diet, please notify the organizer at the time of registration.

food image
food image
food image
food image
The following meals are included:
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Lunch
The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:
  • Vegetarian

Spa Treatment

Included: a traditional Balinese body massage, its real name, "the pijat bali "is a practice from Bali. Its aim is to restore the balance between body and mind. The Balinese massage is both toned and soft, energetic and relaxing. A genuine moment of relaxation.

Meet The Instructors

instructor image


Made vient d’une famille de spirituels, son père est guérisseur spirituel et prêtre hindou. Son grand père est yoguiste et guérisseur. Dès son plus jeune âge, c’est le yoga samadhi, un yoga basé sur la concentration de l’esprit, qui l’accompagne dans l’éveil de ses sens et sa quête de bien être. Il pratique également le hatha et ashtanga yoga issus de la philosophie indienne. Cette combinaison de différents yogas, enseignée par Made, est accessible à tous, pour retrouver sérénité et équilibre. Made parle très bien français, il a accompagné de nombreuses années des touristes français.

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Location Parigata Resort, Sanur

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Booking And Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.

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